Maintaining and Enriching Our Faith Home for Future Generations

The Legacy of Faith campaign gives all parish members the opportunity to restore our spiritual home and grow our faith community for generations to come. We are family -- we share ourselves in God's service for each other and those in need.

We have great news – Saint Anne has received pledges totaling nearly $7.3 million in the Legacy of Faith campaign so far, exceeding our initial goal of $6 million!  Thank you to the over 760 families whose generous pledges made it possible!

If you would like to make a pledge to Legacy of Faith or have any other questions, please contact Andrea Wirt, Campaign Coordinator, at or 312-218-5312.

Campaign Plans & Progress


In many ways, Saint Anne is our second home – our spiritual home. We gather in worship, welcome others to the faith and deepen our relationship with Christ through our commitment to life long faith formation and compassion and service for all.

In pursuing these efforts, Saint Anne will adhere to prudent financial management practices that have provided the foundation for Saint Anne’s growth and fiscal stability. No projects will be undertaken until the funds are already in hand, and Saint Anne will not incur any new debt as part of these plans.

Since the beginning of 2016, our parish leaders have been engaged in a comprehensive study to assess the short and long term needs of our parish. This campaign is a continuation of the parish transformation process conducted in cooperation with the Archdiocese of Chicago over the last two years to integrate our parish mission with our ministries.

As we prepared to play our part in the Archdiocesan Campaign: To Teach Who Christ Is, our parish leadership, upon careful and prayerful discernment, identified what repairs and improvements are needed for us to continue to grow as a Catholic community. 

In addition, Saint Anne partnered with professional fundraising firm, CCS, with over 70 years experience in evaluating, designating and conducting capital campaigns for Catholic parishes.  CCS conducted a parish-wide in-pew and online survey to gather opinions and make recommendations for campaign plans.


First Priority:

Paying off the building debt

Our first priority is to retire the remaining debt that built our beautiful church and its sacred spaces. When our community last came together to build our church and school nearly 20 years ago, remarkable results were achieved. It is time to finally retire the remaining debt from that endeavor.

Reasons to pay off the debt now:

  • By removing the interest obligation, we will save tens of thousands of dollars each year in revenue otherwise needed to service the building debt. In the last church year, Saint Anne made $75,000 in principal and interest payments.
  • It is fiscally prudent to retire debt when possible to provide greater financial flexibility for future generations.

Progress Report:

Because of the generosity of certain of our parishioners through your donations in the green envelopes, and the success of the Legacy of Faith Campaign, we have retired, paid in full and no longer carry the burden of our prior building debt.  What a tremendous accomplishment, and one for which you should all take great satisfaction!  


Second Priority:

Repair, Maintenance & Upgrade Projects

Chapel Roofing
The chapel roof is due for replacement. Since it’s installation over 50 years ago, degradation of the shingles and displaced sheathing is occurring.

Parking Lots and Driveways
The parking lots and driveways throughout our campus are in poor condition with areas of deterioration and rutting in the pavement. It is time to replace the parking lots and make necessary repairs to the driveways to make those surfaces safe and durable.

Outdoor Fountain and Benches
The fountain is in poor condition and must be replaced.

Heating and Cooling Systems
The HVAC systems are due for upgrades, as they were installed 17 years ago.

Retaining Walls
The retaining walls by the school and parish center are deteriorating with crumbling, cracking, and spalling of the material, requiring repair or replacement.

Fencing and Railings
In places around the campus, the fencing and railings are in need of repair or replacement due to deterioration from the elements.

Carpeting and Flooring
The carpeting in the church, chapel and parish center is worn, stained, and shredding, requiring replacement with a more durable material.

Exterior Facade
Tuck-pointing repairs are necessary for portions of the masonary and stone facade exhibiting staining and erosion.

Safety, Security and Telephone Systems
New security and telephone systems are needed to secure our school, church, and Parish Center for the safety of the entire community.

Lighting, Sound and AV Systems
We are in need of improved lighting, sound and audio/visual systems in the sanctuary. The sound system in the sanctuary, including sound controls, microphones and the piano, requires upgrading to improve the parishioner experience during Masses and other events. Cameras in the sanctuary are necessary to memorialize Masses and other religious services for future viewing. In addition, a screen in the Gathering Space would allow us to show events in the sanctuary in progress, as well as to give parishioners information on upcoming events at Saint Anne. We are also in need of lighting and sound system upgrades in the school gymnasium.

Church Front Doors
The front entrance doors leading into Saint Anne’s church are beautiful, but have deteriorated due to extreme weather, and water penetration is now causing structural failure.

Repair and Refurbishment of Restrooms
The restrooms by the Gathering Space and Hospitality Room are in dire need of repair and refurbishment.

Some of the windows around the campus, including the rose windows in the sanctuary, are leaking require repairs.

Playground and landscaping
The mulch in the playground is nearing the end of its useful life and requires replacement. Additionally, landscaping is needed for overgrown trees and areas of erosion.

Third Priority:

Upgrade Parish Center

We are evaluating renovations to our Parish Center, which was built in 1977 and not part of the campaign 20 years ago. With careful planning, we can create a parish home to meet the needs of Saint Anne’s commissions, ministries, groups and staff. These plans include:

Restrooms and Kitchen
The restrooms are in desperate need of repairs and upgrades to make them suitable for gatherings and events of all sizes.

Exterior facade and Signage
We would re-design the exterior of the Parish Center to complement the look of the church and school, creating a continuous flow to our campus, including changes to a more inviting facade and signage.

Progress Report:

We have replaced the asphalt pavement in the front and back parking lots of the Parish Center. As part of this project, we installed lights, new drainage, curbing and sidewalks by the Parish Center. These upgrades have improved both the functionality and appearance of the Saint Anne campus. We are in the planning phase for other upgrades and repairs to the Parish Center and will keep parishioners informed of our progress!


Archdiocese of Chicago:

“To Teach Who Christ Is”

to-teach-who-christ-isSaint Anne will provide our $1,218,000 share of the To Teach Who Christ Is campaign of the Archdiocese of Chicago, which will substantially benefit Catholic Education through the use of scholarships for students and provide support for religious education programs, professional development programs and more.

We are blessed to work with the Archdiocese, which is undergoing a campaign involving all parishes to support Catholic and religious education, local parishes, and capital needs. We are eager to faithfully support the Archdiocese’s goals and aim to fulfill our portion of the To Teach Who Christ Is campaign.

By supporting the To Teach Who Christ Is campaign, our parish is contributing to scholarship programs that directly benefit families across the Archdiocese of Chicago.

The To Teach Who Christ Is campaign also aims to strengthen the educational offerings of our Catholic schools through technology integration and professional development in classrooms. Our community has profound gratitude for the strong academic environment Saint Anne provides to our children.

Let us now share our blessings with the broader Catholic community and be faithful servants to our Lord.



As we move forward, we will keep parishioners up to date with news from Legacy of Faith in the Clarion and on our website.  We will include answers to your frequently asked questions (FAQ).

How You Can Help

Over the long history of our parish community, individual families like your own have made the sacrifices necessary to build and grow our faith community and set a high bar for us today. To reach our goal, every parishioner needs to participate in a spirit of true Christian stewardship for which you are known as a people. Not everyone can contribute the same amount, but every contribution will help our community prosper in faith in the future.

The Legacy of Faith campaign seeks pledges payable over a five-year period.  The campaign’s pledge redemption plans afford great flexibility.  Gifts and pledge payments may be paid by check, stock, electronic funds transfer, credit card, and online through Give Central. Pledges are written statements of interment made in good faith and best allow the parish to plan for expenditures in repairs and upgrades.

If you have any questions about Legacy of Faith or your pledge, please contact our Campaign Coordinator, Andrea Wirt, at or 312-218-5312.

Frequently Asked Questions

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